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Professional, Innovations Win the 2012 Nineteenth Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition

The 2012 nineteenth Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition was held as scheduled in China import and export fair Pazhou complex on 2012 December 10 to 12. This was the largest hotel supplies exhibition in the world, with more than 3800 exhibitors and 29 halls, amount to 10000 exhibition positions, and will be more conducive to communication and cooperation of Chinese and foreign hotels and hotel supplies industry. Hommy related staffs visited and studied, in preparation for the 2013 food processing machinery industry of the domestic and international market, to provide better, more professional, comprehensive products and services to our customers.

Mainly exhibits of Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition included: kitchen equipment, commercial electromagnetic oven, commercial electromagnetic stove, hotel supplies, food and beverage, cleaning equipment, and so on. Exhibitors were each showing their special prowess, in order to show the most beautiful, professional and innovative side, and then win the 2012 nineteenth Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition. There were many romantic and sparkling lighting effects, and special product show. A series of equipment products neatly placed in the most prominent position; professional chefs were cooking fresh food by their product equipment; some exhibitors used modern acoustics to attract the crowds...One business manager said: "really too many exhibitors, so we should have creative strategies to one-upmanship." The company mainly exhibited commercial electromagnetic oven, had food cooking show and beauty ladies wore historical costumes. Active atmosphere to drive business more flourishing, many exhibitors successfully singed contracts with new customers in this hotel supplies exhibition or gain more potential customers.

The nineteenth Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition is good for the hotel supplies industry, in which display products, services and image of each enterprise is better, more concentrated and effective. Hommy will study successful ways of perfect exhibitors, to seek survival with quality, make better quality and service, and open up larger market of ice cream machine. 2013 is a new year full of expectations, also a new start for Hommy, to update technology, product, and service.


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