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Products Name: Vending ice cream machine HM766
Question: How to setup ice cream capacity?
Answer£º Normally, we don't suggest customer to set up the capacity by themselves. We will set up well the capacity as per customer's requirement before delivery. 1.Press set button to go into enactment procedure.2.Press MONEY button , LCD screen should display "A1" word, press MONEY button again, "A1" should be changeD A2-A3; press button + or - to go into parameter setting to change the data; at last, press SET button to save the new setting (data) and exit.

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Question£º How long we need to clean the machine?

Question£º How to setup ice cream capacity?

Question£º Your vending ice cream machine can use our cone shape to make it?

Question£º The vending ice cream machine inside can keep how many ice cream cone?

Question£º If material tank is full,how many ice cream it can make?

Question£º What circumstance is fit for using the air cooling machines?

Question£º Compare with other competitors oversea,what is the superiority of your ice cream machines?


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